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Our Providers are here to work with you to create an individualized plan that fits your needs and goals! Our screenings find your basic and in-depth numbers – you will be educated on what these numbers mean and how they affect your body. We will also provide options for a treatment plan to move forward. Learn how to build your immune system to strengthen your body defenses to help prevent and treat diseases like the flu, viruses and more. Email today for more information or to make an appointment.

This technology is an assessment tool that helps identify stressors in the body, giving us information about body systems such as digestive, endocrine, immune and general organs. The results create a stress profile, revealing imbalances in the body. Balancing stressors allows us to improve your quality of life. We will then recommend products and services to rejuvenate and balance according to your individual needs.  
With a food sensitivity assessment, you will learn what foods you are sensitive to so you can act proactively to eliminate or decrease consumption of these stressors by working with a doctor and health coach to review the foods that are best for your condition.

Our bodies are constantly balancing themselves and using essential vitamins and minerals to get from being acidic to alkaline which we need to stay healthy. Your drinking water, whether tap or bottled, may not be doing you any favors! We can assess whether an upgraded system would benefit your health and wellness.

Consult and/or demo available upon request.

The system we use for advanced muscle and nerve therapies is a combination of two technologies that work together in locating impairments & blockage throughout the muscular and nervous systems. They also work together to restore the conductivity and natural internal communication channels of the human body. These treatments are particularly beneficial to joints, muscular problems and acute injury conditions.

Consult and/or demo available upon request.

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We recommend products that can rejuvenate and
balance according to your individual needs.


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The Ultimate Wellness Center carries a variety of nutritional products ranging from Immune Boosters and Probiotics to Multivitamins, Protein and Fiber. The Doctor will consult with you and provide the best recommendations for your concern.

Personal care products are made to put on your skin, in your hair, or in your mouth. But many commonly used ingredients are also toxic and can be either ingested during use (like some ingredients in mouthwash and toothpaste), or can be easily absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream (like some ingredients in soaps, lotions, creams, cosmetics, shampoos, deodorants, etc.) Our products are natural, yet effective – replacing your household cleaners and personal care items with our safer alternatives will protect you and your family from exposure to toxins.

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