Uwc Ultimate Sleep Solution Doctor Endorsed




Hello, I am Dr Sheldon Osvold a Licensed Chiropractor for over 16 years specializing in pain management utilizing advanced technologies with the Ultimate Wellness Center. We provide a comprehensive lineup of technology services under one roof.

At the Ultimate Wellness Center, I tell my patients that a complete sleep system is important as well as practicing the right lifestyle, diet, and sleep environment. Sleep is an integral component to our health. We spend one third of our lives on a mattress so having the right mattress that provides both pressure relief and support is particularly important.

Finding the Ultimate Sleep Solution starts with the right mattress! I have worked with mattress industry veterans who researched key manufacturers in the bedding industry to determine the correct products to provide the Ultimate Sleep Solution for you.

I endorsed the mattresses and sleep accessories based on this research. These Ultimate Sleep Solution Products come in three categories offering you a value, premium and ultra-premium choice. They include hybrid encased coil construction mattresses and an all foam product the Conforma ADAPT which features water-based memory foam with a shock absorbing air pod base core. Air flows freely through each foam layer for maximum pressure relief and support. The surface features phase change materials for cooling.

I also endorse a state-of-the-art pillow. The Ceramo standard or shoulder pillow. This pillow also features water-based memory foam. The cooling bio-ceramic gel on this pillow absorbs natural heat from your body and sends infrared energy back to your body for better sleep and recovery. All Ultimate Sleep Solution Products are shipped from the U.S.

Sleep is vital to our health. It’s the time when our bodies recover. The technology behind the selection of Ultimate Sleep Solution Products will get you the quality sleep your body needs.